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My first blogpost as a petfluencer

Let me introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Yakita! I'm the most charming Chihuahua in Curaçao, living the good life. I made my grand entrance into the world five years ago, and fate brought my mom to me on that very day. She never used to fancy Chihuahuas, considering them like little rats, always preferring larger dogs. However, my cuteness completely changed her mind. From that moment on, she was head over heels for me.

Eight weeks later, I joined her at home, and ever since, we've been inseparable. I also gained a lovely big sister right away – Akira. Akira was a street dog that Mom had rescued from the shelter the year before. She was the only dog I actually liked. Unfortunately, she's now in doggy heaven.

I now have another big sister, Bella, and a little big brother named Puppy. Mom says I'm not very nice to them, but secretly, I just prefer having all the attention to myself. It's the Chihuahua way!

Why I want to be a petfluencer

Honestly, it wasn't my idea, but my mom's brilliant plan. She's been working as a photographer and videographer in the travel industry for quite some time. Despite her focus on travel, she also loves capturing moments with yours truly – me! Last year, I got to embark on my first travel adventure, and it was so much fun that now my mom wants us to hit the road together more often. Last year, she footed the bill, but since we're making this a regular thing, I get to assist my mom, and we're officially a team. She's the photographer and videographer, and I'm the charming model.

Don't tell her, but I suspect she just wants to spend more quality time with me, hence the partnership. Exploring pet-friendly spots, promoting lovely animal brands, and creating content together – it's her way of merging her two passions: the camera and me.

As for me, I'm totally fine with it, as long as it means going to cool places and getting plenty of attention!

I would love it if you could support us, and I'm all about making new connections on Instagram so we can follow each other's adventures!

lots of puppy kisses,


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