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Just a little bit information about me


About me

Name | Yakita

Breed | Chihuahua

Age | 5 years 

Residence | Curacao

Family | 1 brother and 1 sister. And my mom. 

Job | Petfluencer & UGC content creator. 

Hello there! I'm Yakita, your beach-loving, treat-chasing explorer. Whether it's splashing in the waves, munching on snacks (especially if it's from my mom's plate!), or going on vacay adventures, count me in! I'm a spotlight lover, so if you see me wagging around, come say hi! Let's make some paw-some memories together.

Why work with me 

Professional photographer: Behind the scenes is my human, a seasoned photographer and videographer. With a knack for capturing the extraordinary, our collaborative efforts translate into visual masterpieces.

Scenic Backdrop: Our base on the enchanting island of Curacao provides a naturally stunning canvas. Tropical vibes, travel tales – we've got it all to enhance your brand aesthetics.

Narrative Crafters: We don't just create content; we weave stories. Each visual piece becomes a chapter in your brand's narrative, leaving a lasting impact.​

Cuteness Overload: I'm Yakita, the adorable canine star stealing hearts in every frame. My charm effortlessly elevates your brand's appeal.

Ready to turn your brand into a visual sensation? Let's collaborate and create magic together!


what do I offer

Photography & Videography: With my professional photography and videography services, I'm here to turn ordinary moments into extraordinary visuals. Picture this: stunning photos, dynamic videos – all tailored for your social media. And we're doing it in some seriously picturesque settings. It's about crafting moments that stand out.


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UGC (User generated content): I curate content that resonates with your audience, turning customers into dedicated fans. It's more than showcasing products; it's about building a community vibe that makes your brand stand out. Imagine real people sharing their photos, videos, and thoughts – that's the magic of UGC, creating an authentic connection that speaks volumes.

More info about UGC for pet brands 

About this website

Step into my digital space! While you'll certainly find a showcase of my portfolio, this site is filled with interesting blogs exploring the world of Chihuahuas, dogs, and the petfluencer lifestyle.


It's not just a website; think of it as a cozy online corner where you can dive into insightful reads. From the unique aspects of Chihuahua life to figuring out the adventures of being a pet influencer, there's a little something for every pet lover.

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